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Know your business more than you

100% on-line, available 24/7!Powerfull dashboard!Sweet User InterfaceCloud Data Back-up, never lost!

Need no repetitive Installation

You may manage your business anytime anywhere, yes, even borrow stranger’s smart phone or use computer of internet cafe

Smooth Expierence for fast Effection

from client, contract, invoice and mail reminder, a perfect workflow must be control by you!
All online, 24/7, no matter how busy you are you can get the order details 2 years ago in seconds.

User friendly interface

We simplified all functions with tense layout, nothing is unneccessary, we make core features running fast!

Know your business than yourself!

No matter how many team members you are, or just one familiy-owed studio, if you often work out of office, you cannot count everything on your brain memory or little notebook. Or you are still concerned if your computers get stolen, your notbook is lost, or computers get virus cannot be used anymore, or some data is in your mobile phone but one day need to reset to factory default, more unfortuately, the resigned ex-staff is just stealing your customer data or no one could hadle the rest jobs. What will you do?  Using exel, iphone notes?  This is online photography studio management system, allow you work and control your business anytime anywhere as long as you are on-line. Saas, CRM+ERP online software cuold help you decrease labour cost, and increase your work flow!

More exciting features!

No just powerfull fuctions, but also taylor-maid settings for photographers!

  • One click to get all the photos for retouching within seconds. Yes, it is only take a couple of seconds to pick 60 photos from over 1000 ones.
  • Commission generation, and advanced setting!
  • Order Format setting, prefix, stands for date, random combination, you may set the meaningful order/contract number
  • How is the advertising feedback, regions, and social accounts. You may keep yourselves with tight liaison with the clients.
  • Multi-permission for different users, co-agents, sales, freelance, outsourced teams. All of them can work together!

About Us

IceCoco Co. Ltd. 2009 is world-oriented team for creatives industry. Our founder are from expeirenced photographers and software developers, and always listen to our users’ comment to achieve better improvement.
No one like us, as, our team knows photography business and software development!

  • Powerful Functions

    Clients, workflow, contract documents, different permission for co-agents, freelancers, and outsources, commissions, everything you want and not image yet, we have made for you! Different team members, different locations, different time, all can work together for one job! Even you often have travelling, you are able to control your business.

  • Multi-Language

    If you have customers, freelance or outsources overseas, you may need it. Multi-language interface, for one business!

  • Always online, any devices accessible!

    Just a computer, mobile phone, or laptop, could be yours, or borrow from someone, you do not need to have  full-time staff stay with a desktop.
    Cloud backup guarantees you a top secured database!

  • Statistics, performance report

    Precicely master your cost and incomes. for presentation or future plan.


Zhuo Ya

IceCoco is tense and clean, no anything messy and uselee, very suits me!

Zhuo YaPhotographer, multi-awards winnerZhuoYA Photography
Lonely Willow Impressions

It is so good, i do not need to install anything when i change computer or mobile phones, also i could work everywhere as long as i get internet, so cool!

Lonely Willow ImpressionsNZ Photography StudioWebsite
Wei Sun

Even I have full-time sales with desktop, i am used to monitor my business from time to time, it is so sweet for small studio!

Wei SunDirector of Seoul Photo
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